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Welcome to Sinister Guitar

Home of the Metal-Edged Guitar Picks.

SINISTER GUITAR PICKS is the ONLY guitar pick company to make picks with METAL EDGES without the entire pick being made of metal. Our picks produce a superior tone, faster attack, and they are more durable than standard picks. Don’t believe us, go to our testimonial page and hear what other guitarist have to say! SINISTER is more than just a Guitar Pick company, it’s a lifestyle. If you love music, live on the wild side, go to live shows, support your local bands and venues, if people look at you a little different, then you’re living the SINISTER LIFESTYLE! Check out our clothing line, jewelry, and accessories to show everyone your love for MUSIC and that you’re living the SINISTER LIFESTYLE! \m/

Clients Testimonials

"Have you chosen a Sinister life? We want to hear from you! Submit your testimonial! I’ve been using Tortex 73mm’s for many tours, sessions, and shit for years. I tried several of SGP’s picks, once I found the Jazz Spit-Fires…I was freaking hooked y’all! The feel, tone, and attack is" Read More...