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“THE METAL REVIEW” Does It’s First Ever “Gear Review” And It Is On SINISTER GUITAR PICKS!!! We Scored 5 Out Of 5 Stars!

Posted by Joe Sinister on Thursday, November 6th, 2014 at 5:20 pm filed under Latest News

THE METAL REVIEW is a great online resource to get the latest on what is happening in the Metal Community.  They provide information on the latest shows, in depth interviews with top bands, album reviews, band reviews, as well as keep you up to date with the latest news in Metal Scene.  Well THE METAL REVIEW did there first ever “Gear Review” and fortunate enough for us it was on SINISTER GUITAR PICKS!  The review was written by Tom Breedon, whom gave SINISTER GUITAR PICKS  5 Out Of 5 Stars!!!
We highly recommend visiting THE METAL REVIEW website and see what THE METAL REVIEW is all about, here is the link to their website:
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By Tom Breedon

So this is the first in a new feature here at The Metal Review, our first ever gear review! We’re starting with possibly the smallest piece of equipment any musician needs, but one that no metal guitar player can ever do without, the pick! Presenting Sinister Guitar Picks. Brain child of Joseph Fortmuller, Sinister Guitar Picks are a revolutionary advance in metal edged guitar picks that offer a unique alternative to any other plectrums you can find on the current market.

SGP offer a wide range of designs, and cleverly each plectrum can also be doubled up as a necklace pendant, playing on the flashy designs and advertising their products as *both* picks and jewelry. Now, while most of the picks on offer from Sinister are more than capable of holding their own and even surpassing the lead competition, a couple of their designs are probably better suited to being the feature on a necklace than used to shred out a solo! So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to break down and describe the playability of my two favorite picks from the SGP range, and at the bottom of the review I’ll give a short description and rating out of 10 for the rest. Let’s get to it!

Now I know what most guitarists will be thinking at this point; “sure a pick made of metal will break my strings?” No. That may have been the case with poorly crafted attempts at metal based picks from other companies in the past, but Sinister are manufactured cleverly with a sympathetic layer of softer material around the edge. The result being you get a much brighter, sharper attack on every note you pick than you can possibly get from a plastic pick. Another by product of this that there really is no way around is the wear and tear on Sinister picks is a touch quicker than you may be used to, but with the significant difference in sound quality, you really shouldn’t care too much!

First up we’ll look at the “Jazz Spit Fire 1.0″. Inspired by the renowned jazz 3 picks, this is a more compact pick than the rest of the series, but not so small or stubby you’re likely to drop it or struggle with it. The rounded base and sharp, pronounced point allow for the accuracy of a jazz 3, the comfort of a standard pick, and the sharpness in each note that really helps bring out the natural tone of the strings. This pick is a lead players’ dream. 8/10

Next up, a tip of the cap to the “Blue Devil Twin Edge Pro Blade” pick. My personal favorite, and I don’t mind telling you this pick has replaced the Dunlop picks I was using previously in my band. A standard shape, a bit bigger and broader which takes some getting used to, but again the presence you get out of each riff, chug or chord on a distorted guitar is incredible. It really brings out that touch of extra brightness that makes all the difference in the presence of what you’re playing and getting the most out of your strings. 9/10

“The Beast” – Sinister’s option of a bass pick. Very thick with rounded edges to accommodate the standard metal bassist’s needs. Let down slightly by the grated holes that serve as a grip. 7/10

“Sinister Strike” – The standard Sinister pick, a solid Dunlop style design with softer metallic edges on either side. Very useful and versatile pick. 8/10

“Amplified Edge” – A bit thicker with a big single edge featuring the trademark Sinister metallic band. Not quite as comfortable in hand as some of the other designs, but the cool skull and crossbones design certainly makes up for it! 7/10

“White Lightning” – Much more of a necklace pendant than a pick for me. Features a lightning bolt shape cut out of the centre of the pick which looks very cool, but makes it very uncomfortable to use. Use one of the other picks and put this on the end of your necklace! 4/10 (10/10 as a pendant!)

Sinister Guitar Picks have backed up a terrific brand idea with superb designs and most importantly a really good, usable product that there is a gap in the market for. My initial thought was “can a plectrum really effect your sound that much?” The answer is yes, it definitely can! I’d recommend any serious metal guitarist or bassist at least give these picks the old college try. Like with all gear, it will come down to preference as to whether or not it’s for you, but you will notice a big difference and one way or another, you’ll have an opinion and it’s definitely an option that you need to give yourself.