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Clients Testimonials

Have You Test Driven Any SINISTER GUITAR PICKS? Share Your Feedback With Us! Submit your testimonial!

These are the greatest picks I’ve ever used….hands down. Everyone that I let try them are immediately converted….USE SINISTER PICKS!
— Johnny JMFC Compton
Amazing picks, amazing apparel, phenomenal service, what more can I say!!!! I play in a band called The Schminks from Canada and I just received my order and I’m stoked to sport it and use it on stage!!!! Thank you for the extras! I will be ordering again. All The Best!!!!
— Jedi Knight
For years I have played with many kinds of picks and have destroyed many as well with a ton of pick scraping. Finally I have found the ONLY pick with the METAL EDGE to keep up with aggressive way I play with SINISTER GUITAR PICKS “METAL DEVIL”. Highly Recommended…
— Chris Lewis of PSYKOTRIBE
SINISTER GUITAR PICKS has done more for my playing and sound than any other company out there! As soon as I tried the 1st one I was hooked. I will NEVER play with another pick, besides SINISTER GUITAR PICKS JAZZ SPIT-FIRE 1.0, again!
— Eric Czimskey
The SINISTER GUITAR PICKS “PICKPOCKET WRISTBAND” is great. There not only cool looking they hold your picks as well. They also have the Sinister Logo on them too. When I am playing you don’t even know there on your wrist…until you loose a pick…then BAM you have it. Thanx Sinister!
— Steve Patricelli of HARDWIRED
How I have lived this long unaware of SINISTER GUITAR PICKS is a mystery. Customer service was extremely polite and generous. Their picks are outta this world.
— Troy
My lead guitarist gave me one of your picks, “The Blue Devil Blade Series”, I can’t believe I wore it out. I WILL buy more and NEVER use another pick!
— Nabil Ghosn
As a person new to South West Florida, I had not heard of Sinister Guitar Picks. My loss! I received a sample pack of picks yesterday, and suffice it to say that I got little sleep…I was that surprised. Great sound, separation of notes and clarity, and an edge to the sound that I have not heard in many years, but completely controllable. I am impressed with the quality of the product, and especially with the customer service I received-simply outstanding!
— Jack Herron
These picks are SIC. What a great sound. The METAL EDGE is so cool and different. I will be using these forever. The shirts are awesum as well, an a great price..these guys know what they are doing!
— Thanx Steve
The Spit-Fire picks are absolutely fantastic for extreme, precise picking and playing. They can take a beating while providing unparalleled control. The New 1.00mm Celluloid Guitar Pick is another solid product. I find myself switching between these two depending on the song. The Celluloid picks are great and I highly recommend them.
— E. Helvete of The Noctambulant
I can’t remember how I came upon Sinister Guitar Picks online one day but I am SO glad I did. I decided to try their starter set. Not only did they ship them to me super fast, but they threw in some free swag with it. After using all of these picks, which there wasn’t a single one I disliked, I decided the SGP Jazz Spit-Fire 1.0 picks were the best fit for me. It\’s crazy how much difference a pick makes in your playing. I had no idea until I used SGP. The size and metal edge assist in a more control lead playing. I’ve noticed my sweeps, runs, tapping, etc. have a clearer, richer sound, as you\’re able to hear every note. They also pack a punch in your heavier riffs. I am so glad I discovered Sinister Guitar Picks. Not only do the products exceed expectations, but so do the people there. They are very generous and the customer service is phenomenal. On top of that, they are extremely personable as I\’ve been able to connect with them many times on their social media sites. I will be a customer and supporter for life, as well as spread the word about this awesome company.
— Erin Detherage of WHISKEY NEVERLAND
I’ve been using SGP’s since they became available, All my other picks are collecting dust. Love the Jazz Spit-Fires on my hollow body & acoustic guitars, White Lightning & Blue Devils on my electrics, all awesome for attack, tone & sustain. The apparel & accessories are spectacular in design & durability. I have placed several orders with SGP and all orders are received above expectation. SGP is the best!
— Gary Born
I’ve been using Tortex 73mm’s for many tours, sessions, and shit for years. I tried several of SGP’s picks, once I found the Jazz Spit-Fires…I was freaking hooked y’all! The feel, tone, and attack is Godlike. I’m a lifer with SINISTER GUITAR PICKS!!!!
— Rhoades D’Ablo of KILL CITY
These are truly the best Metal picks in the world! In most cases I would usually just throw my picks around, lose them in the dryer, leave them on stage or throw them at unsuspecting fans…NOT ANYMORE!!! I know where my SINISTER GUITAR PICKS are at all times and I refuse to use anything else now because they just don’t sound or play the same anymore. CLARITY, ATTACK, SUSTAIN, AND TONE…NOTHING BUT THE BEST!!! I’M LIVING THE SINISTER LIFE!! WOOOHOOOO!!
These picks are ABSOLUTELY SICK!!! I have the Jazz Spit-Fire Series!! Excellent grip, sizing, and overall tonal attack!!! Great note clarity and pinch harmonics are an absolute breeze!!! Most excellent product here folks!!!
— Sean Anders
I used to play with little Tear Drop guitar picks but switched to SGP and play the Jazz Spit-Fire picks. Comfortable to play and gives out a great sound! Also, very stylish. Many shows played with them and many more their way.
— Vincent Koegel (V-MAC)
I simply love my Sinister Silver Skull SGP-30 Twin Edge Pro picks, these picks add more attack and clarity to my tone, the notes really pop out. Do yourself and your playing a favor, step over to the SINISTER SIDE, I have and I ain’t going back, after all, it’s Metal on Metal, nuff said.
— Tom Forsbeer
As to the Morning Woods Blues band comment….I just want to say…These picks are making themselves heard all around SW Florida!
— Roberta
Not only do Sinister Guitar Picks RAWK! So do Adrian and Joe. Great guys who are trying to do something a little different in this world of same old. I can relate. Proud to be a Sinister artist!
— Mark Claytor
These picks are amazing! I think a lot of guitarist take their picks for granted and don’t realize what an impact it can have on their tone & playing. I A/B’d Sinister Guitar Picks against my longtime standard Tortex picks, and my guitar sounded dull & lifeless in comparison to the tone I get with Sinister Guitar Picks. I was amazed at what an impact they have on my sound! These picks make my guitar tone sound fuller, warmer, and yet gives it just the right amount of attack and articulation, and it doesn’t hurt that they really make it easy to get those screaming pinched harmonics out either! I am honored to be a part of the Sinister Clan! Anyone that is thinking about trying out these picks should honestly just do it! LOL, you won’t be sorry!
— Jason Caine of Bloodline Riot
For F______ Years I’ve been waiting for the ultimate “Metal Guitar Pick made of Metal for Metal Shredders” to be constructed by the Guitar Gods of Metal. Finally Sinister Guitar Picks has done what Prometheus did, took fire from the Gods and gave man fire. I can truly say that Sinister Guitar Picks are the ultimate guitar pick for shredders and musicians alike. The craftsmanship and designs alone are 2nd to none and are so easy and light to play and F______ give artificial pinch harmonics and triplets more attack and tonality!!! I will never use another type of guitar pick and I am honored to be added to the roster!!! SHRED TIL DEATH \m/(>_<)\m/.
— Magus Johnny Hellkatze of SEKHT
I have tried a lot of picks but none of them slice through the mix like Sinister’s Silver Skull Twin Edge Pro and Amplified Edge Series Picks. They are the perfect weapon for shredding!!! Thanks SGP \m/
— John Ferland of Progressive Chemistry
Received my Sinister Guitar Pick the other day and I was blown away! I can’t believe the added time and insane attack I’m getting from this amazing pick. I recommend Sinister Guitar Picks to any guitar player no matter what style of music you play.
— Brian Dower
These guitar picks are amazing, they produce great tone and they have good grip, I’ve been playing for about 4 years now, and in those 4 years I have never used a guitar pick as good as these. I play Thrash Metal. I used to use plastic picks a lot but whenever I played some gallops the pick would just wear out. That’s not the case with these. These are awesome and they stay intact after a good 4-5 hours of playing thrash, these are amazing, I’m glad I found out about these picks, I highly recommend them.
— Moises Cervantes
I received my picks yesterday and all I can say is WOW!!! These babies Play Great and give a Great Tone!!! Sinister Guitar Picks will no doubt give you a Metal Edge!!!
— Frank Curcio
If you are looking for a pick to make a statement, well look no further, from making my lows bark and twisting out the screams on the wicked evil leads these picks will make the difference. I prefer the SGP-39’s in both Single Edge and Twin Edge Pro, well I need to look no further than that…
— Shawn Downer
My son has a pretty good acoustic but your picks make it sound like a different guitar. Very impressive dude! He will never play with another pick.
— Timothy Baldwin
I just wanted to tell you that it is hands down the best pick I have every played with and there have been a lot over the last 30 years. It was VERY comfortable to hold, and I love the nice crisp sound you get with them…..I don’t see me ever playing with anything else…..these picks are by far the best picks out there!
— Shane Wyman
These guys are pretty strange but they make dammed good guitar picks. “Guitar Picks with a Metal Edge” are great for acoustic guitar too. I love their Blue Devil SGP-15 Single Edge because it has a Metal Edge and a Non-Metal Edge so you can flip it according to your song. Check them out.
— Kip Lawrence
I’ve been using Dunlop Nylons for better than 30 years, after using Sinister Guitar Picks, I’VE SWITCHED, GREAT PRODUCT!!!
— Sweet Daddy Stovepipe (Morning Wood Blues Band)
Sinister the more I use your picks the more I love them. I can’t believe the sounds I am getting out of them. I play all kinds of music; I was playing some Metallica yesterday and could not believe what I was getting out of your picks. They give me more sustain when I play Metal and they make the notes clearer. Today I tried them when I was playing some jazz and the sound was just as amazing. My sound has improved greatly since I have starting using your picks. I have to keep them locked up because I have some friends that want to steal them.
— Richard Wortman
I got my Sinister Guitar Picks a week and a half ago. I haven’t put them down since, with my aggressive style, I‘ll normally burn through a pick in a half hour of practice. These picks last forever. These things are F_ _ _ _ _ _ AMAZING!!! The bright ass sound produced by these things I can now produce tones I never could before. Big thanks to you guys!!! I have now found my picks!!! Sinister all the way!!!
— Stevon Gardner
I love your Blue Devil picks; I can’t put them down since I got them. I have used Fender Heavy picks for almost 20 years, and this has me excited for the first time in years. Thanks for the great product.
— Cool Hand Luke (Morning Wood Blues Band)
Awesome! That is the first thing you will say when you see them! When you look closer you will be like is that metal around the edge? Yes it is! The reason for that is when you strike the string you pick doesn’t absorb any sound so that your pickup hears the true sound of the note, awesome! My favorite is the Blue Devil, it just grabs your eye, not that all of them don’t. One last thing about these one of a kind picks, they have a hole in them so you can wear as a necklace! Not only will you get compliments on your necklace but whenever you need a pick you got one handy around your neck! These picks are truly one of a kind, thank you Sinister for something truly cool and functional.
— Chris Alan
I used the Blue Devil pick over the weekend. The more I used it the better it plays. This is a Pro Level Pick. The world needs to see and play Sinister Guitar Picks!
— Mike
I love my Sinister Guitar Picks. They are the best metal edge picks I have used to date. They last a long time, and have a great feel between your fingers- great grip. Keep up the good work Sinister!
— Frets Repair
I love the Amplified Edge Series and the Single Edge Blue Devil SGP-30. I really love the brightness they bring to your strings compared to the plastic or tortex picks.
— Eric Czimskey
I like the White Lightning Twin Edge Pro SGP-20. I’ve never used anything quite like them, you quickly get used to the cutout design which allows you to strum very loosely.
— Joseph Vilane (Queen Dementia)