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Posted by Joe Sinister on Friday, October 31st, 2014 at 10:00 pm filed under Latest News

Due To The Great Response We Received On The Recent SALE Of SINISTER GUITAR PICKS Most Popular Pick, The “JAZZ SPIT-FIRE” We Decided To Extend The SALE For The Month Of NOVEMEBER!!!
Have You Tried SINISTER GUITAR PICKS JAZZ SPIT-FIRE Yet? If Not, Now Is The Time Too! We Here At SGP Like To Call The JAZZ SPIT-FIRE The “HOT ROD” Of Guitar Picks, Due To The Speed, Attack & Precision This Pick Offers.


We Want To Get A “JAZZ SPIT-FIRE” In The Hands Of Every Guitarist; Because We Know Once You Give Them A Test Drive You Will Never Turn Back!
Hear What Other Guitarist Said After Giving The JAZZ SPIT-FIRE A Test Drive (below) Or You Can Read More Testimonials About The JAZZ SPIT-FIRE And Our Other Guitar Picks On Our Testimonial Page:
1) “The jazz style design provides more accuracy, faster riffing. The larger than jazz style size provides better control and a more comfortable grip. Sinister raised the bar extremely high with this one! Let the games begin”.
2) “My first thought was this pick is the coolest looking I’ve ever held and would be a shame to use and mark it up. I’ve been looking for an alternative to Jazz III’s for a while now. I used the Tortex ones but they were a bit too small and slippery. The SPIT-FIRE is perfect in size and shape, larger than a standard Jazz III but smaller than a Fender which I also used for years. The raised surface gives you all the grip you’ll need and the metal edge and pointed tip just glides off the strings allowing for effortless picking of long flowing lead lines. The thickness is perfect, I used 1.4mm forever, didn’t even notice the difference. This pick a shredders dream but I think any player would love it no matter what style they play .Also keep it in your pocket cause it is so cool looking someone will definitely walk off with it whether they play or not. It’s that Badass. Thanks Sinister”!
3) I’ve been playing with the Amplified Edge for a while now, and I thought that pick was great! But as soon as I got my hands on the Jazz Spit-Fire, I will never play anything else!!! The control and the tone you get from the Spit-Fire pick awesome! You can just do things you couldn’t do before, and pushes you to try new things! I love this pick!!!!!!
4) The Spit-Fire picks are absolutely fantastic for extreme, precise picking and playing. They can take a beating while providing unparalleled control.
5) These are truly the best Metal picks in the world! In most cases I would usually just throw my picks around, lose them in the dryer, leave them on stage or throw them at unsuspecting fans…NOT ANYMORE!!! I know where my SINISTER  GUITAR PICKS are at all times and I refuse to use anything else now because they just don’t sound or play the same anymore. CLARITY, ATTACK, SUSTAIN, AND TONE…NOTHING BUT THE BEST!!! I’M LIVING THE SINISTER LIFE!! WOOOHOOOO!!