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Wellington, New Zealand 2004 the band SEKHT was born, started by guitarist J.Hellkatze. Sick of the current metal trend in New Zealand and the world in general and Love of Heavy Metal started a mission to produce a sound that took all the bits & pieces of all the good types of Heavy Metal and roll em into one.

To give the World “HELLCORE” metal.
“From the heart/core at the end of the day we play whatever the Hell we like Metal Wise” The term was coined whilst the band was developing a following & their sound In CHRISTCHURCH New Zealand were they Had been based since 2007 Influenced by the old guard of metal like – Black Sabbath Pantera, early Slayer & Metallica, White zombie to name a few, through to European black & death metal, thrash, hardcore, speed, power, tech, industrial, Goth, doom etc. Pretty much any decent metal band that made an impact on the band members lives.

So thus far the band has what seems to be a reliable & hungry line-up!!! A four piece to be reckoned with live!!
Playing alongside of some of New Zealand’s & Australia’s finest metal bands such as Legacy of Disorder, State Of Integrity, Lord, Just One Fix,Tainted, Human, Zerstiren, Vixen Execution, Slave Cadaver, Bullet Belt, Bow Messiah, Plague Of The Fallen, NORT, Dissolution, MenAnTol to name a few.
What sets SEKHT apart from the other bands is that SEKHT are the only “PREMIERE HELLCORE” Metal Band in the World and intend to create a worldwide following.
Just like the Norwegians have black metal, New Zealand will have “HELLCORE”.

After having to sadly leave the Quake ravaged city of (ANTI) Christchurch are now based In Wellington (HELLINGTON) New Zealand. Sekht have finished their first ever album entitled “HELLCORE” and are in search of a record company that will help further their careers & conquest.

The official winners of the FIRST NZ Metal Awards 2012 The first ever NZ Metal band awarded this honor to date.