Sinsiter Guitar Pick Amplified Edge

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This is SINISTER GUITAR PICKS first design; it is 1.0mm (SGP-39) thk and has a Bold Single Metal Edge. It produces a heavy punching sound with a dark overtone. This pick is for the guitarist who favors very thick picks with NO give or flexibility and wants a heavier sound. It is also a favorite for some bass players.

****SINISTER GUITAR PICKS STRONGLY RECOMMENDS that you purchase a SINISTER STARTER SET if you have never used Sinister Guitar Picks before, our guitar picks are truly unique from any guitar pick on the market today. Due to our metal edges the thickness or gauge pick you normally play with may not necessarily be the thickness you will prefer with our picks. The SINISTER STARTER SET will allow you to try a wide variety of our designs and thicknesses to help you zero in on the pick that best works for you. All Sinister Guitar Picks have a SGP#, this represents the thickness of the pick. SGP-39 (1.0mm), SGP-30 (.75mm), SGP-20 (.50mm), and SGP-15 (.40mm). ****



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3 reviews for Sinsiter Guitar Pick Amplified Edge

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Bert MB

    When I’m not picking at 200 bpm THIS is the pick I reach for. Its a serious pick that works perfect for me in the more “chill” moments when each note should be more crisp and clear. This one may be a bit thick for guitarist, but if you are a bassist who uses picks over fingering.. Give this one a chance!

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    Geoff McGraw

    edge is a bit thick for my usage, but if you’re looking for a serious tool with a touch edge, stop here.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    eric czimskey (verified owner)

    Ever since deciding to go with SGP, I have never been happier! It’s amazing how changing one little thing changes the whole aspect, and sound of your playing! I play with the
    amplified edge series, SGP-39. I will never play with anything else! You guys rock!!!!

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