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Grey Mosaic 4 piece w Border

Losing September

Bio: Nick Foreman: Guitar- Cody Tarrance: Bass- Bruce Fane: Vocals- Ben Bauman: Drums

Losing September began acoustically in Chicago with frontman Bruce Fane honing his skills as a prolific songwriter. Bruce eventually settled down in Muncie, IN after transferring from a Political Science Major at Purdue to Ball State University for Music Education with an emphasis on Vocal Performance. It was at BSU, while studying Music Engineering, that Nick Foreman was introduced to the band. Ben Bauman later joined to cement the foundation on drums. The band was finally culminated when they found the youngest member of the group, bassist Cody Tarrance. With this uniquely talented group of musicians, Losing September is built on a foundation of longevity and perseverance.

Losing September has acquired a taste and satisfaction of life on the road with several national tours under their belt that extended them from New York to Miami, FL. With two hand held cameras, the members captured footage of their tours for two Seasons of ‘Pirates Of The Road.’ A documentary showing their trials and tribulations on the road while proving their worth and testing their nerves.

Losing September was est. in 2003 and has created something worth listening too with their sophomore album ‘Project Mayhem.’ The vocals are clean yet powerful and most importantly, understandable. When you have something worth saying it’s crucial to be understood. The band seems to possess a vision of their future that only a few greats seem to uncover. There comes a time in society when you must discuss more than just sex and sports.
The title track off “Project Mayhem” hits home to the Fight Club brand with a few essential quotes from Tyler Durden. The song is about being defiant to corporate greed and injustice which leads to consumerism. There must be a balance in all things in order for them to be successful.

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