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“The Godfather Of Thrash” and the original guitarist for the New York Thrash Metal Giants OVERKILL. His sound, speed, and style helped shape the Metal Movement in the early 1980’s. Giving OVERKILL their first four and most classic albums on Megaforce Records and eventually Atlantic Records. Career highlights include several U.S. and European Tours and videos with heavy rotation on Headbangers Ball. 1986’s “In Union We Stand”, 1987’s “Hello From The Gutter” and 1989’s “Elimination” are still being shown to this day.
After leaving OVERKILL in 1990, he immediately joined Sony Recording Artist THE CYCLE SLUTS FROM HELL to record a solo and join Motörhead on a two month tour of Europe as well as performing in their video “I Wish You Were A Beer”. Bobby then went on to forming his first original project I4NI in New York. Enjoying a bit of success locally just wasn’t enough. It was his collaboration with Billy Milano (SOD, MOD) that moved him to the West Coast but a new band was never created. Revamping a version of I4NI in San Francisco with thrash veteran drummer Tom Hunting of EXODUS in 1993. Once again local success but never getting off the ground he started another project in Los Angeles with legendary drummer Dave Lombardo of SLAYER. This new project GRIP didn’t have the edge he was looking for and once again moved on.

Legendary Metal Manager Debbie Abono (POSSESSED, TESTAMENT) was in need of a guitarist for Texas band SKREW, so in 1995 once again the move was on. Doing several shows and a tour with KREATOR, it was Florida that would be his final calling. Starting up a new project with local players RESPONSE NEGATIVE. Heavy local touring and an awesome demo were not enough to keep the ball rolling, but leaving behind two videos in 2004 “Eteched In Sickness” and “Carnivorous Lust” which are available for viewing under Bobby Gustafson on YouTube. But once again a solo project was calling.
An original idea of a new band, with different musician’s old and new, professional and just friends with no set line up was just what he needed to get into the grind once again. New way to play in a band, new way of recording and selling his music only a name like SATAN’S TAINT could even match his tongue in cheek style.
His classic tone with new and old styles of metal music is a breath of fresh air to a very stagnant and overly shaped genre of generic metal music. Introduced to SINISTER GUITAR PICKS “The Jazz Spit-Fire 1.0” the picture is now complete. It’s time to take his tone and talent to a new level with the most awesome guitar picks around!

BOBBY GUSTAFSON’S Band SATAN’S TAINT Just Released Their First EP “SONGS FOR THE EINHERJAR” And Is A Must Have For Any Fan! 

It Is Available Here On iTunes: